Shergold Collection
1980 Shergold Nu Meteor six string guitar
This is the very Nu Meteor that Shergold used as a display model for trade fairs whilst promoting the new additions to the range (Nu Meteor, Activator) around 1980/1981. The neck is superbly set up and has some beautiful ripple figuring in the maple that carries particularly well into the laid back headstock. There is some damage to the finish of the body where it was apparently dropped at a trade fair, in addition to the normal ageing cracks we've all come to expect of Shergolds.
The pickups put out a suprisingly powerful signal considering that they are single coils, but make it very easy to get some suprisingly Str*t-ish sounds. All this allied with the ¾" shorter scale than other Shergolds make this an exceedingly playable guitar!

Acquired by the Collection in June 1999