Shergold Collection
c.1980 Shergold Marathon six string bass
Complete with original "vivid orange" (!) lined case, this bass is in used, but not abused condition. It needed a new set of strings, and the corrosion removed from the frets, but other than that it is in pretty good condition. In fact, the case needs far more repair work - the catches and hinges are all but falling off, and some of the panelling needs reattaching.
Once new strings had been located for it, it got the thorough cleaning it desperately needed to remove the corrosion from the frets.
The sounds from this bass are wonderful - full and booming at the low end, and with an almost classical (nylon strung) guitar sound on the higher strings. You can play things on this which you wouldn't normally play on bass or on a standard guitar. Highly recommended.

Acquired by the Collection in June 1999