Shergold Collection
1979 Shergold Custom Masquerader twelve string guitar
A mid period Custom Masquerader in twelve string form this time. The finish has fairly bad cracking along the length of the body as is pretty much normal for this age - not helped by a previous owner replacing all the control plate, scratch plate and pickup mounting screws with nasty galvanised chipboard screws - yuk! Luckily almost all the holes had enough bite left in them to take replacement countersunk and domed pickguard screws. Those couple that didn't soon did them after suitable application of wood slivers and glue.
The nut was (again - what it is about 12 strings that makes people think they can cut string slots with a coping saw?) a modified six string nut with some very "interesting" ideas about string spacing. Once again luthier Andy Gibson has done the right thing by it, and has fitted a new (correctly spaced) bone nut.

Repair work by Neils Guitar Workshop @ Nightingale Guitars

Acquired by the Collection in June 2001