Shergold Collection
1978 Shergold Custom Double 12/4
An early Custom Double in the classic 12/4 configuration, but with a slight twist - the bass neck is a lined fretless (i.e. the fret positions are marked on the neck, but there are no frets other than the zero fret). This is the first Shergold that I have seen a lined fretless neck fitted to that wasn't a defret.
The guitar is in very good condition, with minimal cracking to the natural finish, and little wear to the frets and other hardware and even includes both of the original frisbees (sorry - I meant 'bridge covers'!). It also has the original Shergold fitted case.
The sounds available are superb, especially if the neck selector is put to the centre position so that "sympathetic" string vibrations sound through - this gives a very rich sound texture.

Acquired by the Collection in July 2001