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Various TV appearances of Shergolds...
Shergolds are just that something a little bit different - as a number of people seem to have chosen to appear on TV with guitars a tad more unusual than a Str*t...
"Men Behaving Badly"
"Men Behaving Badly" - Neil Morrisey playing a white 12/Bass Custom Double seen in several Series 3 episodes including: 'Bed' and 'Casualties' when Tony plays the 12 string neck of the double on the top of a step ladder with the amp held up to the ceiling of the flat to deter potential buyers of Deborah's flat.
Men Behaving Badly 1 Men Behaving Badly 2 Men Behaving Badly 3
Blur "Song 2" music video
The video for Blur's "Song 2" shows guitarist Graham Coxen playing a black Hayman 3030 - at the end of the track it can be seen bouncing across the floor after being thrown aside!
August 7th, 1999 - "Top of The Pops"
A group called "Dope Smugglaz" (honest!) using probably the same white 12/4 Custom Double that appeared in the Robbie Coltrane and "Men Behaving Badly" shows, despite the fairly obvious lack of any guitar (let alone 12 string!) or real bass in the track!

Zoom of 12/4 Dope Smugglaz
Picture from TOTP web site.
1999 / 2000 - "Top Ten - 80s New Romantics"
"Spandau Ballet" performing 'To cut a long story short' around December 1980.
This clip featured in one of the "Top Ten" series of programs on Channel 4. It features Spandau Ballet looking very earnest and moody in black and white. The bass player (Martin Kemp) is using a white Marathon 4 string, which has had the scratchplate and headstock logo badge removed (why?) in addition to the usual removal of the bridge cover.

Spandau Ballet
Picture from Channel 4/Chrysalis Music Television Productions "Top Ten 80s New Romantics".
Oct 2001 - "Never Mind the Buzzcocks"
Yes, its the same white 12/4 Custom Double this time appearing in the "identity parade" part of the irreverant pop quiz - a part of the show that makes you really glad that you are not "resting" actor who has to bear the jibes of panelists and host with good grace and silence!
For those interested the person being identified was one of the models who appeared in the video for Robert Palmer's "addicted to love" (it was number 2 - with the J-Bass).

Never Mind the Buzzcocks identity parade
Picture from BBC/Talkback Productions.
Other Known Appearances...
A Robbie Coltrane one-off show (called 'Robbie Coltrane Special') with the same Custom Double being played left handed in a skit about an aging rock icon! (It was on "Granada Plus" on New Years Eve 1998, but I couldn't find anyone with Cable, Satellite or Digital TV in time to tape it - nuts!)

Link to New Order / Joy Division page for "Rock Family Trees" appearance.