Shergold Collection
1981 Shergold Masquerader Mark 2 six string guitar
A rare beast - and the glued in neck, solid mahogany body, and through mounted controls make it a sound beefier than any standard Masquerader.
The finish is in good order - the satin poly finish makes it look like natural open finished timber, and doesn't show dents anywhere near as much as the normal thicker Shergold finish. There is a good amount of general wear to the body with small dings and buckle scrapes on most of the edges and to the back, but that is a sign of a well used guitar. The electrics give a shared tone and volume control with a single/humbucker/phased toggle switch for each pickup. Pickup selection is handled by a Gibson type lever switch, and output is to a face mounted socket instead of the usual edge mounted socket on normal Masqueraders.

Acquired by the Collection in January 2013