Shergold Collection
1977 Shergold Custom Masquerader six string guitar
A Custom Masquerader, but with the earlier "standard" Masqueraders' large scratchplate. Otherwise this is almost identical to the earlier Masquerader in the collection including the colour and the missing bridge cover. The only things different are the addition (in text about half the size of the "Shergold Masquerader" captions) of the "Custom" tag on the scratchplate (to be honest it looks like a bit of an after-thought!) and the slightly larger type of Schaller machines.
Thankfully, the wiring on this example is completely untouched, though the original control plate was split in an arc between the tone and volume pots and has now been replaced with a newly made one. It provided a perfect template with which to rewire the earlier Masquerader, returning that to the original specification.

Acquired by the Collection in July 2000